Ways to Get Essential Oils

essential-oilsPoor quality essential oils or adulterated oils are not considered therapeutic and can cause harmful side effects, or at best provide only minimal therapeutic benefit.

This is why I only recommend doTERRA’s therapeutic grade of essential oils.

dōTERRA is sold exclusively through essential oil educators, like me. These advocates, like myself, introduce, educate about, and sell essential oils in their local markets through person-to-person contact and globally through websites (like this one!).

If you are not already talking with a doTERRA essential oil educator, then I would love to help you get started!

The Best Way to Buy Essential Oils

Most people start by becoming Wholesale Customers or Wellness Consultants and purchasing a wholesale starter kit!  A Wellness Consultant is still considered a Wholesale Member, but they can earn an income.

When you purchase a wholesale starter kit you get:

      • Your wholesale membership fee of $35 is waived.
      • Your wholesale membership allows you to save 25%-55% on all future orders.
      • FREE Modern Essentials Book from Lynn (This is the holy grail book about how to use the oils you have).
      • Our most popular and loved oils in a discounted bundle.
      • FREE 20-min phone consultation with Lynn
      • Never any obligation to sell the oils or to have a monthly order
      • Invitation to join our private essential oil education group
      • Regular product and essential oil webinars and Facebook classes so you can use your oils with confidence

If you aren’t interested in becoming a wholesale member, you can purchase individual oils at retail price by going here.

Ready to Go as a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate?!

Let's Get Started

  • Step 1: CLICK HERE (or the button above), enter your language and country and hit continue.
  • Step 2: Select “Wholesale Customer” (cannot sell doTERRA or earn money) or “Wellness Advocate” (can sell doTERRA and earn money) and then hit continue. PS. if at any time you decide you want to sell the oils, you can simply upgrade to a Wellness Advocate account at any time. Click here for more info on creating an income in doTERRA!
  • Step 3: Input your contact and shipping info.
  • Step 4:  Select your wholesale starter kit (scroll down to see my favorites!)
  • Step 5: Enter in your payment information and then hit “Process Order Now and Continue“

You’re Done!

LynnHuberCircleLynn Huber

That’s it!  You will receive a confirmation email from doTERRA– you can log into your account right away to manage your orders.

You will, also, receive a welcome email from me within 24 hours with a link to set up a welcome call!

I look forward to getting to know you more!


Recommended Starter Kits

Note, if you are joining as a Wellness Consultant, you’ll also want to consider ordering Samples, etc.  See details below the kits below.

Diamond Kit – $2,500

This kit is an incredible savings and a wonderful investment. If I could start all over, I would have purchased this starter kit. This kit will give you everything you need to make healthy and natural swaps in your health and home…so if that is you, if you are 100% ready to invest in your health, then this kit is for you.

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Every Oil Kit – $1,825

Who doesn’t need every oil? This kit is perfect for that person who wants all the oils to make anything they could possibly think of. I hate not having the oils I need to make roller bottles and different DIY recipes. With this kit, you get every single oil doTERRA has to offer, including Melissa (limited availability) and Roman Chamomile, which isn’t available to everyone else right now.

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Oil Sharing Kit – $800

The Ultimate Essential Oil Kit! Provides helpful resources and products for sharing your passion for doTERRA.  It’s great for sharing with family and friends.

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Natural Solutions Kit $550

The Natural Solution Kit is our TOP selling kit! It includes so many wonderful oils that you are going to need in your home, our 8-hour Aroma Lite diffuser, our incredible Lifelong Vitality supplements, a wooden storage box , and some other blends that are so necessary to have, like Balance “grounding” blend and Serenity “calming” blend!

I love that you will get some of our OnGuard products and the TerraZyme digestive enzymes. The Deep Blue Rub is so amazing to have on hand for tired and sore muscles after a long day or workout. When you purchase this kit, you have the option skip ahead and save an additional 15% with a monthly Loyalty Rewards program. This is, hands-down my favorite kit for those who can’t afford the Diamond or Every Oil kit!

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Family Wellness Kit – $275 

  Whether old or young, the Family Wellness Enrollment Kit is perfectly tailored to fit your family’s needs.

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The Home Essential Kit – $275 

  Our Home Essentials Kit includes our top 10 most loved essential oils in full-size bottles, plus the 4-hr Petal Diffuser for dispersing oils into the air of your home. This is a great economical kit for those who want the most needed oils in your home right away and you can add to it as needed.

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The Family Essentials Kit with Beadlets – $150

  A perfect addition to every home, the Family Physician Kit and Beadlets Enrollment Kit supports a healthy and uplifting family environment.

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Other Kits

CLICK HERE to see the more specialized starter kits. There’s lots more…the above kits are just my favorites.

Note:  The above kits are all U.S. kits.  If you are in a different country, your options may vary.

If Enrolling as a Wellness Advocate, you will want to consider:

If you are interested in being a Wellness Consult and earning an income, I also highly recommend adding the following products to your first order.  This will ensure you have what you need to get started right away.

Sample Trios

Sample Trios

As you’re talking to people, you will want to have samples to give out.  We will teach you how to use these.

Just search for samples in the search box when placing your order.

Class in a Box

Class in a Box

The Class in a Box Kit makes it easy for you to introduce family and friends to dōTERRA.
The kit includes:

• 20 class invitations
• 10 bottles of 5 mL dōTERRA Wild Orange essential oil
• dōTERRA Living Magazines
• 1 dōTERRA Product Guide
• 1 Living dōTERRA Naturally brochure
• 1 Sharing dōTERRA Naturally brochure
• 1 Building dōTERRA Naturally brochure
• 10 Class in a Box brochures
– Class Outline
– Product List
– Enrollment Kit Flyer
– Wellness Advocate Agreement
– Wholesale Customer Agreement
• 1 Sheet Wild Orange Sample Cards (10 cards to attach to Wild Orange bottles)
• 1 Essential Oils 101 Class DVD
• A dōTERRA Class in a Box storage box

Just search for class in a box in the search field when placing your order.

If you really feel you can’t currently afford this, there is a Class in a Box Brochure which will at least give you the brochure and paperwork you need.

Got Questions?

What if I only want one or two items and would rather pay Retail Pricing?

This is how to buy at regular retail price. The only reason I can think of to buy full-price is if you’re just grabbing one item, one time. The wholesale discount won’t be worth it in this case.

      • All you need to do is visit my personal doTerra shop here.
      • Choose your language and country, and then shop and pay through the website as you would with anything else.
      • Thanks for shopping with me! 🙂

If I enroll to purchase products at wholesale prices, does that mean I have to sell dōTERRA?

No! dōTERRA now has the option for a Wholesale Account.  If you choose this option, you will receive all the same benefits as a Wellness Consultant except the ability to sell products.  If you decide later that you want to sell dōTERRA and earn an income, you can easily upgrade in your back office at any time.

How much does it cost to enroll?

The cost is $35 the first year if you do not start with an Enrollment Kit. If you purchase one of dōTERRA’s enrollment kits when you sign up (see above), the $35 fee is included in the price of your kit.

How much does the membership cost each year after the first year?

The cost after the first year is $25 to renew your membership each year, plus they send you a bottle of Peppermint essential oil when you renew ($27.33, retail value).

Why is there a fee to sign up?

Think of it as similar to a Costco or Sam’s Club membership. You pay a membership fee to be able to shop at their stores and purchase items that you can’t purchase other places. dōTERRA is the same, except that the products are shipped right to your door.

What is an enrollment kit?

An enrollment kit is a collection of products that dōTERRA has put together, so that you can try some of their best-selling oils without having to guess at which ones you need. Purchasing one of these kits when you enroll, already includes the $35 enrollment fee.

Do I have to purchase an enrollment kit when enrolling?

Nope. You can pick and choose what you want, “a la carte” style, instead of a kit, if you want. By doing it this way, you are charged the $35 enrollment fee in addition to the products that you’ve added to your cart.

Do I have to place an order every month?

No! You can place one order the month you enroll and never order again if you don’t want to. There are definitely benefits to placing an order each month, but you are not required to do that.

Side note: I enrolled with a kit and loved the oils so much that I placed another order the same month so I could get some free products, and have placed an order every month since! The products work that well!

Is this MLM/Network Marketing?

Yes, this is a network marketing company. And I like that.

Some product brands choose to use their marketing budgets conventionally, paying for advertising and trying to get their products in big stores. Others pay individuals to spread the word about the product, giving them a commission of sales. That’s a really simplified explanation, by the way.

I’m not a pushy network marketer and I ask my team members not to be, either. My motto is: Use the product. Learn more about it. Share when it’s appropriate.

I like network marketing because:

      • Earning ability. I get to choose how well I do. If I don’t make a lot of money, it’s all me. If I do, well, that’s me, too.
      • Discounts. I’ve joined a couple of network marketing companies in my day, mainly because it means I get a product I really like at wholesale prices. Oh, and I get paid when I share it with others. I wish that was the case with other products I use on a regular basis.
      • Network. I like the network aspect because I like people. I like teaching and helping other people be successful. Really, this is just a ploy for me to surround myself with awesome people. 🙂
      • Support and Coaching. I think that this is the best way to get support with building a business, without paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for help from a business coach. Even if you paid someone, they would never be as vested in your success as a DoTerra Sponsor. Eventually the course or sessions you paid them for would end, and that would be it. But your Sponsor is in the grind with you, because if you don’t win, they don’t win. For better or for worse we are selfish creatures, and if we have some skin in the game, we will put in that extra effort and determination to succeed. I don’t feel bad asking my Sponsor for help, even several times a day, because I know she is vested in my success. And I know she will motivate me and push me even if I’m having an off day, because she wants all of us on our team to succeed.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping charges vary by location.  However you have the ability to get your shipping fee back in free product points. I think that is totally awesome and I’ve never seen any other online store offer that.

Want more information?  Fill in the form on the top right and we’ll call you to answer your questions and help get you started if that’s the right thing for you.  >>>